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Tips For Looking Your Best – Busy Women!

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Fashion editorial director and stylist Elizabeth McMahon adds her top tips for busy women trying to juggle work, life, kids and the odd cocktail party!

  • Set a calendar reminder for at least a week or two before the event and start to consider your options according to the event’s dress code (is it cocktail or corporate?).
  • Scour your wardrobe and begin to piece together your look a few weeks out. If you’ve got ‘nothing to wear’, start searching now, and remember to leave time for delivery and possible alterations if you’re ordering from the internet.
  • What accessories do you need to match your outfit? Buy / borrow / prepare – don’t forget a clutch, earrings, shoes.
  • A manicure and pedicure is important for achieving a polished look; especially for events on the Gold Coast where you’re likely to be wearing open-toe shoes, so book ahead.
  • A day or two prior, lay your outfit on your bed and styling it  – include all accessories to make sure the finer details are perfected.
  • The day before the event, put a moisture mask on your face to refresh the skin so you’re glowing even before make-up is applied!
  • Have a fragrance on hand that matches your mood.
  • Preparation will absolutely mean you are ready to head out the door full of confidence – looking and feeling your best!


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