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Out with the old and In with the new

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It was only yesterday that I worked on the biggest wardrobe I have ever seen and it belonged to a MAN! With the help of his wife we got through it very easily – I got him trying on his shirts, jackets, jeans and suits and we were then able to cull all the items that didn’t fit or were out-of-date.

When editing your wardrobe ALWAYS have THREE boxes or large bags and sort your clothing as follows:

  1. Charity
  2. Alterations
  3. Selling

There are so many shops that buy and sell second hand clothing or if you are an internet user, sell your clothing on eBay or create a Facebook group for your sale. Edit and Refresh (www.editandrefresh.com.au) is a great site for selling or putting your pre-loved clothing on consignment. If you prefer to give to a charity then the Salvation Army or Rosies are always in need of clothing especially during winter.



Assess your lifestyle

How many hours do you spend at work, home, social, recreation activities etc? Your wardrobe and shopping should reflect your lifestyle. If this isn’t happening then that’s usually when you find yourself in front of your wardrobe with nothing to wear! For example, you may be very comfortable in your social clothing and find that your business wardrobe is lacking. Or if you are reducing your working hours, you may find that your business wardrobe is extensive and you have nothing to wear socially.


Create an inspiration board

Check online or magazines for inspiration. Save images from designers and celebrities that inspire you. Edit these images and create looks that reflect your personal style and lifestyle.

Clean out

Begin by trying on your garments and accessories – go section by section – shirts, jeans, jackets, belts, bags, watches etc.

Before starting on a client’s wardrobe, I always check the hangers to ensure that they are all the same type; either wood or plastic – mixing them looks messy! KMART sells black plastic hangers at a reasonable price. The plastic ones don’t take as much space in your wardrobe, therefore more space for new garments.

However, for those of you who have walk in wardrobes wooden hangers are fantastic – check Ikea or Target.


Plan and Research

After your clean out you will know what is missing or needs updating. Create a list of these items and identify the key investment pieces you need. Don’t forget to include shoes, bags, coats, scarves in your budget.

Also look back on what you wore in previous years and see if any of those looks can be carried on to this season.

Do your research online and around your favourite stores and see what’s on trend in your style and colours. Research and planning will save you time and money in the long run.


Colour Profile

Your wardrobe staples should have a neutral colour palette of greys, browns, black, whites and nudes. That means items like jackets, shoes, jeans, bags, shirts, pants etc.

Introduce high contrast colours like purple, royal blue, yellow, red, maroon emerald green and khaki to create excitement in your wardrobe for days when you feel bold and creative. I find that colour lifts your spirits on days when you are feeling unmotivated.

To create harmony in your wardrobe, add a pastel palette of baby blues, soft pinks, lavender, light yellow, mint green etc.

While sorting your wardrobe colour coordinate all your garments into fresh whites, pastels, neutrals, bold and dark colours.


Quality vs Quantity

It is better to invest in quality pieces rather than having an oversupply of items that wear and tear easily. The main capsule of your wardrobe should include classic and quality pieces. For example, a trench jacket, a good quality watch, a classic suit, a work bag, black shoes or boots etc

Shopping and Trends

Although, it’s important to have classic pieces in your wardrobe it’s also good to be up-to-date with a few on trend items. This will keep your style fresh and up-to-date. So when shopping, gentlemen you should add items like a new pocket square, ties or scarves to refresh your work wear. While ladies, you should add items like a new handbag, a print dress, a structured jacket or a blazer.

Create an Album of your looks.

Once you have finished shopping, spend some time creating different looks and styles from your wardrobe. Create looks for work, special events, street wear etc. Remember to pay attention to the detailing, like accessories and styling. Take pictures of all the looks and save them on your phone or laptop – it makes it much easier and quicker to get ready for any occasion.

Good luck in editing and creating your updated wardrobe. If you need any help, please contact me to book a wardrobe review. xo EM







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