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Look & Feel Cool This Summer

Get It Magazine: January

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As much as we love putting an outfit together the most important thing is to keep cool! It all comes down to the fabrics you’re wearing. My best recommendation is linen. It’s a great lightweight material, its extremely breathable, and one of our favourite Gold Coast designers Lisa Brown uses it in her amazing designs. 

Another popular fabric is silk. This beautiful luxury fabric is an all-climate option as it has natural temperature-regulating properties. It therefore has the ability to cool and warm your body, making it extremely versatile to use all year round. It’s perfect for summer as it can absorb 30% of its weight without feeling damp, plus it dries exceptionally fast! But dry cleaning is a must. 

The main colours for summer are magenta, blue & lime for block colours, pinks and crisp whites. Wearing pastels with tan is a must-do as it brings a feminine, yet down-to-earth goddess feel to your summer clothing.

Some of my must-have summer go-to items include cut out dresses, silk jumpsuits, kaftans, two tone sandals, edgy bold gold accessories (but keep this to a minimum!)and shoulder bags.

For more fashion and styling advice call me on 0416 630 299 or visit my studio at 3/63 Thomas Drive, Chevron Island.

This article was taken from Get It Magazine: January 2016 edition (page 22 – 26)


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