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Editorial: Winter 2014

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Elizabeth McMahon is well-known for her flair for creativity in editorial styling. While adhering to the brief, schedule and budget, Elizabeth will deliver.

Together with an innovative team of professional hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers and models, Elizabeth will create picture-perfect images for any magazine, catalogue, print advertising, editorial or promotional marketing campaign. Nothing is out of the question! Elizabeth has also produced exceptional publicity and photographic shoots, album covers and movie posters, brand consultancy and celebrity styling.

Editorial styling with Elizabeth McMahon includes conceptualising ideas, styling and organising photographic shoots for pages in:

  • Fashion magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Features
  • Online
  • Other media outlets.

Elizabeth will personally select the items to appear in fashion product pages and write articles on personal style and fashion trends. Working closely with art directors, publication editors, public relations executives, fashion designers, graphic designers and editors will ensure satisfaction on all occasions.

Operational requirements are fully met, ensuring all items get to the photographic shoot safely and on the day garments are photo-ready.

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