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Dress For Success!

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Elizabeth has worked with many people who need a professional edge. Here are her top three tips:

  1. Style guide

Women: A well-cut pair of pants, fitted jacket, pencil skirt, crisp white button-up shirt, and a shapely dress are essentials for your office wardrobe. They are your work basics that set the scene for your professionalism. They will anchor your work fashion style and are the pieces your budget should allow for. Everything else can be added gradually. Quality over quantity is the first rule.

Men: Add a tailored suit, button-up shirt, cuff links and selection of ties to your work wear staples.

  1. Soft touch

Women: You have established your structured pieces. Now it is time to soften them with some more delicate items, such as a colourful top or printed jersey dress. By doing this you are starting to add a more feminine image to what could be a flat office look. Think of the colour profile system and add a purple top to your black pants suit and top it off with a yellow neck piece and arm candy.

Men: Enhance your wardrobe with a coloured shirt, pocket scarf or tie. A pair of polished black or brown dress shoes adds an element of professionalism.

  1. Accessorise all areas

Women: Try a red patent heel or an electric blue ballet flat, and a statement necklace or cocktail ring with your black power suit. Your briefcase or handbag can be a colour other than the traditional brown leather too.

Men: Complement your work wear with a classic timepiece and a leather briefcase or satchel. Men can also invest in a pair of impressive sunglasses for when they leave the office.

Eli’s dressing for success tips!

  • Dress appropriately: You can be stylish no matter your age or size.
  • Choose your clothes carefully: You want to convey your very best self so always purchase clothes that suit your personality, body shape and colour tones.
  • Create a wonderful wardrobe: It will become your colour palette of inspiration, full of fun and basic essentials.
  • Dress a step up: Add a scarf or a tie to your outfit. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed. You can always take off your tie or scarf if it is not called for.
  • Wear it and work it: It is not just what you wear, but the way you wear it. Make sure your clothes are ironed and boots polished. It shows you pay attention to the finer details and, truthfully, people remember these things.
  • Grooming and deportment: A great hair cut or well-maintained brows or nails never go unnoticed. Walk tall and pull your shoulders back to show confidence.
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