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Colour Profile System

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The Colour Profile System is an “at-a-glance” tool developed to simplify selecting the most appropriate clothing colours for your skin tone, eye colour, hair, and individual personality and fashion sense.

Simply put, the pigmentation in our skin results in warm, cool or neutral tones and upon consultation, Elizabeth will present you with your personalised Colour Profiling System.Once armed with your profile, you will clearly understand the colours that complement you best, allowing an effortless shopping experience that will make you look and feel more vibrant, younger and confident.


Elizabeth has always loved the name “Temasasi”. Sasi in Swahili means “beautiful” and the same name in English (written as “sassy”) means “chic and stylish”. From this, came the name “Elisasi” – the first three letters from her own name and the rest from the name she has always loved. Affectionately, the name means: “Elizabeth, making the world beautiful”.And this is exactly what Elizabeth is hoping to achieve with her Elisasi products.


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